Case Studies

Loosmore Street Project, Cypress Park

Extensive restoration-minded renovation of a 1913 Craftsman bungalow, unearthing and restoring original period details while integrating modern functionality informed by the aesthetic core of the original home .


4424_Griffin_Listing_thumbGriffin Avenue Project, Montecito Heights (Highland Park HPOZ)

Complete rebuild/renovation/re-imagination of a 1923 Colonial Revival Cottage, detached garage, and grounds in the flats of Montecito Heights.



Avenue 54 Project, Highland Park

Complete remodel of a 1980s townhouse, characterized by a unique aesthetic that is clean and modern while being warm and classic.  Informed by simple lines, subtle art-deco inspired touches, and Moroccan elements.

Cunard, FrontCunard Street Project, Eagle Rock

Creative ‘shoestring budget’ remodel of a tiny 1920s bungalow in the hills of Eagle Rock, preparing the property for sale.



Richard Drive Project, El Sereno

Transformation of a small nondescript traditional bungalow, reinventing the public living spaces and changing spatial perceptions by adding new architectural design elements and restored salvage materials.


Terrill_final_listing-thumbTerrill Avenue Project, Hermon

Period appropriate complete home renovation of a 1930 2-story cottage and grounds in the Hermon neighborhood of North East Los Angeles.




Outlook Avenue Project, Highland Park HPOZ

Remodel of a modest 1940 bungalow in historic Mount Angelus, retaining prior owner’s custom tile work and flamboyant color flourishes. Completely redesigned outdoor spaces to maximize siting and indoor/outdoor functionality.




Pine Crest Drive Project, Hermon

Remodel/restoration of a 1928 Tudor Revival home, with architectural and period appropriate elements in the Hermon neighborhood of North East Los Angeles.



img_5344Roselawn Place ProjectHighland Park HPOZ 

Restoration of a badly altered 1903 Dutch Colonial Revival home. Recipient of a 2014 Preservation Award from the City of Los Angeles and Highland Park Heritage Trust.